EnergyNet places economic development at the heart of industrial solutions

About Us

Who we are:

EnergyNet Ltd. organises a global portfolio of investment meetings, investment forums and executive dialogues focused specifically on the power and industrial sectors across Africa and Latin America.

For the last 23 years EnergyNet has worked in Europe, the USA, China and across the African continent to facilitate investment summits where international investors can build relationships with credible African public sector stakeholders. 

Our team spend over 220 days a year travelling to meet stakeholders across Africa and Latin America, so relationships and investor insights are both our business and our passion.

Best known for the Africa Energy Forum, the longest running meeting place for senior level decision makers in Africa’s power sector taking place in Europe each year, EnergyNet also produces in-country investment meetings in Africa which provide a more detailed perspective on the investment landscape and power generation potential of countries such as Nigeria, Mozambique, Tanzania, Ghana Ethiopia, South Africa, Egypt, Côte d’Ivoire & Morocco.

More recently we have launched the Growing Economies Series- a portfolio of meetings which focus on energy investments in Latin America's power sector, in particular Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Panama and Brazil. 

Proven to engage the decision makers and technical directors behind the world's most exciting economies, EnergyNet places economic development at the heart of industrial solutions, helping to generate a more stable and viable investment option for your organisation in emerging markets. We challenge the way your business does business in Africa and Latin America; the information we provide isn't available on the internet and isn't out of a dusty old textbook.

Whilst Energynet is an emerging market-focused team of researchers and experienced power professionals, we are owned and supported globally by the UK's largest conference and exhibitions organisation, Clarion Events. With vast resources and over 500 people covering defence, energy and utilities in Brazil, Germany, London, New York, San Francisco, South Africa, Turkey, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, Energynet Ltd and Clarion Events are committed to providing global insights and local partnerships.

What we do:

Knowledge, passion, detailed research and commercial thinking drive our daily activities so that our content is always ahead of the curve and our speakers are relevant and at the cutting edge of sector developments.  We need to be proud of what we deliver.

Trust and confidence shape our relationships and we appreciate that we often represent major corporations globally and their brands. The responsibility of caring for each of our clients’ brands is something that we take very seriously.

Most importantly, we listen to stakeholders from both the public and private sectors so that we can react better to the changing investment climates around the world.

Energynet delivers local strategies, local content and local insights for global businesses.  Why not join us and see how we can save you time and money? 

How can EnergyNet support your P&L and help limit your risk:

Energynet works with governments, energy and infrastructure ministry’s and national utilities across emerging markets.  We work with our partners to understand their strategic needs and bring together solution providers to support those goals.

We focus on core industry providers including private power developers, investment banks and DFIs, Lawyers, credible consultants, EPCs and immediate power providers to support contract delivery and project success. 

It’s not so much about the ‘global’ economies as the ‘local’ economies:

We understand what it takes to work in challenging environment to generate, transmit and distribute power, and how easily millions of dollars are wasted because of changing politics, out of date industry data or simply cultural nuances.  We will support your business development by connecting you with stakeholders that provide you direction and technical insight and will work directly with you to answer the most pressing questions challenging your business.

By attending an EnergyNet Forum or meeting, you'll only meet people relevant to major power and industrial projects, including; national and local government, industrial cluster and free trade zones, major power users such mining, ports and international shipping companies as well as the legal, finance and technical solution providers behind many of Africa's and Latin America's power projects.

Energynet has proved over the last 18 years that by remaining focused, you can build a network that can find solutions in the most challenging of environments - “It’s all about what you know and who you know!”